We maximize added value for our customers through die&molds and CNC powder compacting press.

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Product introduction

Manufacturing die and mold

We design and produce various die&molds, including for powder compacting, injection molding, and plastic magnets.
In particular, our powder compacting mold enable the development of new products through our CNC powder compacting press

Mold for powder compacting(cherry blossoms)
Mold for powder compacting(A die divided into four)

<we make various kinds of die and mold>

  • Mold for plastic magnet
  • A mold for die-casting
  • A die for forging
  • A mold for rubber
  • A die for sheet metal

Machine manufacturing

CNC powder compacting machine
We can also make multi-platen
High precision
Repetitive positioning accuracy: ±1μm
Excellent trackability using full-closed control
High rigidity
FEM analysis
Less secular change realizes high durability
Easy to use software
User-friendly Human-Machine-Interface(HMI)
Customized for order

Die set

Various kinds of die sets can be manufactured.

Trial manufacturing

We have the ability to accelerate new product development.
Transferred/consolidated to Yashima Kobayashi Industry Co., Ltd. in June 2018.
We also accept small-lot processing of complex-shaped prototypes from block-shaped materials, such as ferrite and ceramics.
Please feel free to contact us.

Developed products

Sabina(Patent acquired)
Rust prevention water conversion system for WEDM
Suppress rust generation in wire electric discharge machine without using rust preventive materials and additives.